Why It Is So Important to Keep Your Finances Organized

It is very likely that you have multiple credit cards loans, mortgages, bank and investment accounts. Besides the inconvenience of having to remember all of the passwords, this can also cause you to miss payment deadlines, lose track of your goal progress and reduce your ability to make sound financial decisions.

Organizing your finances is very important if you hope to make better decisions with your money, pay off your debt and ensure a successful retirement. It may seem a daunting task, but fortunately the recent technological advances have made it easier than ever to organize your finances.

How Will Organizing Your Finances Help You

When you are on top of your financial situation, you will gain the following benefits:

No missed payments. It is easy to lose track of your monthly payments if you are not organized. But if you know exactly what is going on with your money and set up automatic payment reminders, you will be much better off.
Easier to stay within your budget. Living by a tight budget is hard enough as it is, but if you can’t keep track of your expenses, it is near impossible. If you have the ability to see all of your spending in one place, you can see right away if you are on track or need to cut back.
More likely to meet your financial goals. When you know exactly how much money you have and in which accounts, it will be easy to track your financial goals, such as paying off debt, saving for a vacation or investing for your retirement.
How to Quickly Organize Your Finances

If you haven’t been following the recent developments in financial software, you may be surprised at what you find. Long gone are the days where you had to record your budget, transactions, financial goals and investment returns on paper or in a spreadsheet by hand.

There are many great tools available online or as a software download that can quickly connect to all of your financial accounts, gather and categorize your transactions and enable you to quickly do complex tasks like creating and tracking your budget, goals and investment portfolio returns.

The tools available on the market vary by their cost and features. But surprisingly, the best of them are 100% free. Here are my favorites:

Personal Capital – this free online tool connects to all of your bank and investment accounts and lets you track your spending and investment portfolio online or through their mobile app.
Mint – a great alternative to Personal Capital, Mint is ideal for tracking your budget and financial goals. And it’s also free!
Quicken – Quicken is the undisputed leader in financial software. Although it’s not free, it has every feature you could ever wish for and is extremely customizable.
You Need a Budget – a great alternative to Quicken, YNAB is a simpler and more lightweight desktop application that has been embraced by many as their go-to budgeting software.
Excel Spreadsheets – although much less user-friendly than the above tools, these are still great if you want to set up your organization just the way you’d like.
With so many great tools available, there is really no excuse for not organizing your finances. It will only take a few minutes and can be one of the best financial decisions you will ever make!

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How to Find a Legitimate Auto Loan Lender Online

One of the biggest changes in regard to the Car Finance industry is the emergence of online loan providers. Online financing options have given borrowers a larger choice when it comes to getting car finance and, with that has come a greater degree of competition. An online auto loan lender is generally a non-bank lender, who can establish their business easily with minimal outlay, and because of this, they are able to offer customers good rates and an efficient service while still making reasonable profits.

One of the major drawbacks when it comes to online borrowing is that an auto loan lender has a degree of anonymity when operating over the internet. Because of this, borrowers must exercise some caution when it comes to selecting an auto loan lender online, as they will need to ensure they are dealing with a legitimate company.

Before you apply for finance with an online auto loan lender you will need to make sure that they are credible. Take the time to do your research in order to determine the business rating of the auto loan lender that you are considering. The Better Business Bureau is a great place to start when checking out the credibility of an auto loan lender. This agency can be accessed online for free and will give you feedback on many different lenders operating in the industry.

You can also get a good idea of the quality of service that a company provides by looking at different review sites or car finance forums. There are many websites around where you can get feedback on an auto loan lender very easily, but you do need to be careful when using these websites as some of them may be bias toward certain companies. There are some review sites that receive commissions from lenders when they refer customers to them so, in order to get an honest review, you should look for independent websites that offer reviews on a large number of different lenders.

Another great source that you can use on the internet in order to find a legitimate auto loan lender is to use a comparison loan website. These companies will offer auto finance from various loan providers and, because their business relies on getting customers to sign up for car finance, they are selective about the loan providers they use and will generally only opt for a quality auto loan lender.

Shopping online for your car finance allows you to easily compare the product and rates offered by a large number of lenders and is a great way for you to find the best car loans around. In order to get a good car loan online you will need to go with a reliable and reputable auto loan lender and many of them do operate over the internet. Finding a good loan provider online is not difficult, but it does require you to do your research. Never sign up for finance with a company without first checking out their credentials.

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How to Spot a Bad SEO Company Before Hiring Them

Using Inferior Link Schemes

Stay away from SEO firms that make use of inferior link schemes. Links that are built quickly and for the wrong purposes are SEO techniques that are frowned upon by the search engines. Such strategies can ruin a site’s credibility. As a matter of fact, once Google discovers that a site uses such techniques, search engines can penalize or even blacklist the site. In contrast, a reputable SEO company builds quality in-bound links, and does this by means of high-quality content that is relevant to the website.

Promising to Include your Website in Numerous Online Directories

The idea sounds great since everyone wants to have tons of traffic driven to their site. However, you have to keep in mind that such a process can only be possible by using lots of low quality links. Actually, search engines will only consider a few links via this method. This means that being listed in hundreds of directories will not help you by any means.

Driving Irrelevant Traffic

The moment you work with an SEO firm, you need to regularly check your website traffic before and after the start of the SEO campaign. As you examine the data, it is very crucial not only to consider how many visits were there, but also observe what visitors do the moment they land on your page. If they just click on your site then leave, your content may be driving irrelevant traffic. If that is the case, find another SEO company that can provide high-quality content to let viewers stay on your page.

Not Revealing Everything

Once you decide on an SEO company, you want both of you to work hand in hand. This firm should be honest and transparent about everything they plan to do. Keep in mind that you can do an online search about practically everything that SEO companies do. Therefore, you are not paying for that kind of information, but for the experience they have in performing the job.

That is why an SEO company that does not provide you with enough information about what is happening is not being honest, and therefore, cannot be trusted. If this is the case, look elsewhere. There are lots of reputable SEO companies around, so you do not have to deal with a service that does not answer your questions.

Not Providing Helpful Feedback

One of the most important parts of collaborating with an SEO company is receiving advice on the things you do correctly or incorrectly. If this firm does not want to provide valuable feedback, it is about time to look for another company.

To put it briefly, it is crucial to hire a reputable and high-quality SEO company. Ask a potential service for some references prior to contract signing. Always remember that a company that does not directly or honestly answer your questions could be using bad SEO techniques, or lack experience in what they do. When you are aware of the signs that allow you to spot a bad SEO company, you can save a lot of time, money and effort.

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SEO Myths You Should Never Believe

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to the collection of techniques and practices that enable your website to drive more traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc. It’s a continuing investment that gives you the results of your efforts beyond your expectations. It helps to put you in the limelight, which surely increases your brand image and benefits your business. In short, SEO is important for your website success, so, you should give it a try. Here are some common SEO myths you should never believe because it misleads your path. Have a look to know more.

SEO Is Dead: Most of the people believe that SEO is dead, but it’s not more than just a myth. If you also believe in it, so, it’s high-time to debunk it. This is because it is, was and will never dead ever. It drives more and more people to your website and also it helps to expand your search ranking.

SEO Is Expensive: Do you really think so? Think again. This is because; it’s an investment, which gives you high returns. So, don’t be afraid to invest in such a strategy that is a must for your business success, which bring customers to your website.

It’s All About Keyword Density: If you think SEO is only about keyword density, so probably you are wrong. This is because the use of keyword at the right place and right time give you more results. It helps the search engines to crawl your website to improve its ranking.

Images And Videos Don’t Matter In SEO: Its high-time to bust this myth because images and videos play an integral role in improving the ranking of your website. So, you should never ignore it and start using it effectively.

Link Building Don’t Give Results: How can you even believe it? This is because Link Building is very much important in SEO. It helps to increase the visibility of your website and without this your strategy is incomplete.

For sure, all above points will bust your myths about SEO. If yes, so, don’t waste your time anymore. SEO is an important and ongoing investment that you should make for the success of your online business. It will lead you the right path to reach the heights, where the sky is the limit. Want to come into the limelight, don’t you? So, give a break to your mind, instead, consult an SEO Company that debunks any other myth you have in your mind and suggest only the best for your business.

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SEO to Take Your Website to a New Level

So you want to get more targeted traffic to your website. However, it seems that all the large companies are taking the visitors from right before your nose. I have good news for you. With proper Search Engine Optimization you too can have lots of traffic to your website.

In order to rank a website properly to get the visitors knocking on the door, I follow these four steps:

Keyword Research

Deciding which keywords to use is critical to the success of any website. If you target keywords are not properly researched you end up doing a lot of work for a few visitors. I personally use professional SEO Tools to assist me in this process. Over the years I have also learned exactly what to look for. Ensure that you get the best advice on which keywords to target.

On Page Optimization

In order for Google and the other major search engines to find the correct information from your website, you need to feed them what they want. If your site is not properly optimized, there is no guarantee that your keyword will be on the first page of Google. It is also important to analyze your Competitors sites to see what advantage they have over you.

On Page Optimization refers to the task of ensuring that every bit of detail on your website page is in exactly the perfect spot and quantity, so that Google will prefer your page above that of your competitors.

Link Building

Once everything on your website is in the perfect position, it is important that you have enough links pointing from other quality sites to your site. You can have thousands of links, but if the quality and structure is not correct, it can actually harm your site more than doing any good.

When you select and place links to your sites, you should take great care in ensuring that every bit of quality measure is in place. Professional SEO software can keep track of those links to ensure that the other party keeps the links in tact. When the link is broken or removed, you can pick it up and restore the links

Testing and Tweaking

The SEO job is never done. Once you have all the perfect rankings on your keywords, there is also the task of testing the keywords to see if they are still ranking up there over time. Every now and then you have to tweak them to stay in that position.

Offering an SEO service is not just about doing a few tricks to get the site on page one, it is more of creating a quality structure in which the site will always rank high no matter what Google does to the Algorithm. As long as you build quality sites with all the bits and pieces in place, you will always have lots of targeted traffic to your site.

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Easy Ways to Make Money Online

If you’ve been looking for easy ways to make money online, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Don’t get me wrong. Easy ways to make money online do exist. However, they are not going to be found on any list you come across on the Internet. Why? Because most of those “easy” ways don’t really work.

Do they work in reality? Not really. Will you earn extra money doing it though? Sure, but you will also make more from your nine to five job. The hard truth is that there are only real easy ways to make money from home.

What are these easy ways to make money from home? Well, for starters, you could write blogs for other people. You could also use social media as a way to make money from home. In either case, you will have to set up your own blog or website.

You could also sign up with an affiliate program and sell other people’s products. If you’re selling someone else’s product, all you have to do is display the link on your site. From there, visitors to your site will click on the link and then make a purchase. That’s pretty simple, but if you can find a way to make extra earnings, your earnings could be very substantial.

However, what if you can’t find any extra tools to help others? That’s fine. You can still make extra money by selling your skills. There are plenty of individuals who are interested in selling their skills to others. You can teach them how to do something, and then once they’ve learned the technique, you charge them a fee. Some folks won’t mind paying a fee to learn something new, and if you can make your tutorial downloadable and easy to follow, you can have a booming internet business selling other peoples’ skills.

Finally, you can earn money from home by developing your own website. This is probably the easiest way to earn a side income from home. It won’t make you rich, but it will help you supplement your income. And it’s a great way to help your loved ones. If you’re looking for a fun way to make extra cash at home, you can’t go wrong by exploring all the possibilities.

The truth is that there are several different ways to make money from home. It’s important to explore all your options, as it varies greatly from person to person. That’s why it’s so crucial to have extra tools to use. However, if you can’t find any extra tools, you’ll have to develop some on your own. It varies wildly. And it will largely depend on what kind of skills you possess.

Extra tools for extra earnings are basically everywhere. You just need to be resourceful. But you should also realize that you won’t be paid an hourly rate by any means. The earning potential can be quite great, but it depends on your ability to market yourself. So as long as you have a product or service that people want, you could earn a side income with ease.

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Essential Tools Necessary for Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is an integral part of floor decor, uplifting the visual appeal of the space with its sleek texture. However, these carpets are prone to wear and tear due to daily foot traffic, dirt, dust mites and occasional spills. To ensure a clean and well-maintained carpet, periodic carpet cleaning using the right tools and equipment is of paramount importance. Cleaning with the standard home cleaning supplies simply does not produce the desired result.

Here are the five most widely used equipment used by professionals for a thorough carpet cleaning.

Portable Cleaning Tools
For smaller areas, carpet cleaning experts use portable equipment, which are relatively large machines but is easy to carry. These machines are available in various types depending on the purposes of their uses. The portable equipment is designed for various methods of carpet cleaning based on the kind of carpet and the customer’s preference like carpet shampooing, bonnet cleaning, encapsulation, hot water extraction or dry carpet cleaning. Professional companies carry most of these portable tools with them to perform cleaning, adopting various approaches with the machines for the different methods.

Some other portable types of equipment that professional services use are as follows:

Vacuum Cleaner: A vacuum cleaner is an essential carpet cleaning tool to tidy up the carpets and complete the cleaning procedure.

Defoamer: Foam can reduce the effectiveness of the cleaning process. Hence carpet cleaners use defoamer to remove the foam and speed up the drying process. These defoamers are a mixture of silicone or oils that are effective in removing the foam.

Air Scrubber: This device works as an air filtration system and is used during dry cleaning to get rid of airborne particulates, fungi, and foul odours from the carpet. The scrubber is used after a deep cleaning job to increase the air quality in the room.

Carpet Cleaning Wand: This is the primary tool in the cleaning process. The wand is used to spray the cleaning solution as water jets, which is then sucked back through the vacuum slot in the equipment. While rotary cleaners work best for shaggy carpets, wool carpets are best cleaned with wands to prevent any kind of damage to the carpet fibres. It is not possible to use a pro extractor without one.

Crevice Tools:These are special tools to clean crevices like those between the stairs, areas that are difficult to reach and upholstery cleaning.

Protective Tools: To protect furniture and other items from suffering any kind of damage while cleaning, professionals use these protective accessories like furniture protectors, caution signs, straps, corner guards, and chemical racks.

Ventilation Assister: On completion of wet cleaning methods, service providers may blow fans to expedite the drying of the carpet.

Truck-Mounted Cleaning Equipment
These are heavy-duty cleaners suitable for cleaning larger spaces. However, it must not be inferred that truck-mounted cleaners are only used for larger commercial workspaces. There are many homes that opt for them due to certain advantages like these powerful cleaners do not mess the area cleaned since the machines draw water out of the building as the cleaning process continues instead of draining them into the toilet or sink.

These are some of the vital equipment necessary for deep cleaning of the carpet. It needs mentioning that the use of tools depends on the nature of the carpet and the type of cleaning service chosen. Before hiring the services of professional cleaners, it makes sense to find out the kind of carpet cleaning your want and if the service provider has the right tools and equipment to perform the job successfully.

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5 Ways All Online Businesses Can Benefit From Local Marketing

Even if you have an international business, there are many ways that you can benefit from locally based marketing. Local marketing can also be a key to catapulting you to global markets if you know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

1. Vastly Improves Your Search Engine Rankings

Location-based marketing helps you get a higher search ranking because whenever anyone searches for you in that location, you’ll show up in some of the first pages of search. Even if people don’t type their location, the local businesses show up first for each search. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to attract your audience using local marketing.

2. It’s Inexpensive and Has a High ROI

Many aspects of local marketing are free. For example, putting up content that has location-based keywords, adding information to various platforms that include the right keywords for your location will improve your search results without spending a dime. Adding location-based information to advertisements will generate even more return.

3. Engage with Customers More

When you are more focused on the customer’s location, you can take advantage of some of the automatic trust you get by being focused on a location in your SEO and advertisements. You can use your actual location to get started, even if you want your business to be an international or national business. However, you don’t have to. You can focus on anyone’s location if you know you have an audience there.

4. Attract More Customers

Locally based marketing can help you attract new customers by placing the focus on one location at a time (you can do this simultaneously though) through your advertising and marketing methods. For example, if you know that you have a lot of clients in a region of Georgia in the USA focus your advertising and marketing there.

5. Become a Locally Renowned Expert

One fun and effective way to use local marketing to your benefit is to become a local expert. Start with your location or a major city near your location. Send out press releases, get interviews on local news stations, and submit articles in local publications. Then market each event that you do so that you soon become known as a local expert.

Local marketing can benefit any type of online business. It doesn’t matter if your business is only local or not. Of course, if your business is local, you’re going to benefit from local marketing even more. Ensuring that your business shows up in local search will attract more customers, ensure that you become more attractive yourself, and will enable you to become a local expert.

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Detailed Insight of Online Trading


Online trading has become very popular nowadays. Millions of people worldwide are engaged in this form of trading. It usually meant trading off stocks. It has become as common as doing shopping. There are three things that one needs to start doing this trading:

A device (mobile or computer)
A stable internet connection
A banking application
Enough funds and balance in a bank’s account

If someone has sound knowledge about the stock market and related formation, they can make amazing profits from it.

The functions of a broker:

An important part of online trading is a broker. He is someone who buys and sells things (assets) on behalf of others. Due to the advancement of technology, online brokerage has come into the picture. Online brokers are similar to normal brokers. They too buy and sell assets and do transactions between a buyer and a seller, but just on the internet.

A broker is an intermediary between the two individuals (buyers and sellers). A brokerage can be broadly classified into three types: Online brokerage, discount brokerage, and full-service brokerage. A discount brokerage usually helps to buy and sell assets but at a reduced commissioned rate. The third type is the full-service brokerage provides detailed information and assistance regarding online trading and the stock market, and everything else related to it. A broker has various functions to perform. Following is the list of functions of a broker explained in detail.

The primary function of a broker is to do something for an individual on his or her behalf on the financial side. It mostly includes buying and selling assets and looking after other transactions. There are other functions too, like providing information regarding trading.

Advantages of an online trading platform:

There are various advantages of this trading. It is usually simple and does not cost a lot of money. One has complete control over what they want to do on the platform. It is quick and convenient. Chances of errors are pretty less when it comes to online trading and using online trade apps. The user has the option to keep a check on the investment at all times. One of the most significant advantages of trading on online platforms is that users can get notifications regarding prices and other information via emails or messages. There are lots of trustworthy online trading platforms. Some of the popular ones are eToro, Upstox Pro, Zerodha KITE, Fidelity, and many more.

Some safety measures while doing trading:

One must not make a transaction using a public device or sitting in a cybercafé. One should log out every time after the job is done. Personal computers and mobile phones need to be secured from viruses by anti-virus software. Online trading can be very convenient, quick, and lucrative only if done properly, keeping in mind all the safety measures and being very careful during the transactions. Otherwise, one might end up losing a lot of money or funds in it.

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The Rise of Online Payment Gateways

The cashless payment system is growing exponentially with evolving payment methods, rising e-commerce use, enhanced broadband connectivity, and emergence of new technologies. Can increasing incidences of cyberattacks and spams hamper the growth of online payment market or will it continue to grow at a rapid rate?

The global digital payment industry is expected to hit the USD6.6 trillion mark in 2021, registering around a 40% jump in two years. The cashless payment methods are rapidly evolving with ground-breaking innovations such as mobile wallets, peer-to-peer (P2P) mobile payments, real-time payments, and cryptocurrencies. In the growing digital age, many payment technology companies are collaborating with traditional financial institutions to cater to the latest consumer and merchant preferences. Due to enhanced broadband connectivity, increasing mobile commerce, emergence of new technologies such as Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and rapid digitization, billions of people have started embracing contactless payments in both developed and emerging countries. Besides, surging e-commerce businesses, digital remittances, digital business payments, and mobile B2B payments are boosting the non-cash transaction ecosystem.

Cashless transaction method users across various generations are widely adopting the digital peer-to-peer (P2P) apps as they are more appealing and flexible to use. In-app payments or tap-and-go transactions take seconds at the checkout and allow users to make payments anytime and anywhere. Tokenization, encryption, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), etc., offer multiple ways of securing payments while enabling digital transactions. Moreover, the users do not have to fill in information every time to complete the payment process. Thus, online payment gateways play a crucial role in the economic growth, enabling trade in the modern economy. With social distancing rules in place, digital payments have become an obligation for contactless transactions rather than just a transaction alternative to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Digital Commerce Empowering Businesses
Electronic payment systems have become a crucial part of businesses as consumer inclination towards online shopping is expanding. With broadening internet penetration, increasing use of smartphones, and diverse options for e-transactions, most consumers are preferring online channels over traditional brick-and-mortar stores for shopping. Therefore, businesses are shifting online with an electronic payment solution to maximize their profit earnings. Automating the electronic payment system eliminates the scope of errors and saves a considerable amount of time and effort. High standards for detecting and preventing fraud in digital transaction systems and AI-based fraud detections protect users from security breaches. By providing the flexibility for making payments through credit/debit cards, mobile money, e-Wallet, etc., the businesses can expand their customer base. The electronic payment process improves customer satisfaction as customers do not need to count cash or deal with paperwork whenever they want to make the transaction.

Biometric Authentication Enhancing Security
Biometric authentication involves recognizing biometric features and structural characteristics to verify the identification of an individual. The verification method can involve fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, voice recognition, vein mapping, iris detection, and heartbeat analysis. With the rise in identity theft and fraud, biometric authentication has become a reliable and secure alternative for making digital transactions. According to a recent research, biometrically verified mobile commerce transactions are expected to constitute a massive 57% of the total biometric transaction by 2023. Biometric payment cards are also becoming popular as they support tap-and-go payments, allowing users to make faster digital transactions. The digital payment technology provider, Worldline is partnering up with the French FinTech, A3BC (Anything Anywhere Anytime Biometric Connection), to protect mobile phones from intrusion with a two-factor authentication process. The combined solution eliminates identification through a single touch, rather it recognizes fingerprints through a picture of the hand. MasterCard is planning to bring FinGo’s vein-scanning payment solution that facilitates users to authenticate transactions.

Dominance of Mobile Wallets
In 2019, mobile wallets overtook credit cards to become the highly adopted payment type globally. Digital wallets offer flexibility to users to store multiple payment methods in one digital home and turn cash into electronic money required for online or in-store purchases. Financial institutions have already started to embrace the digital wallet trend by offering virtual cards to business customers. The virtual cards stored in digital wallets consist of details like 16-digit card number, CVV code, date of expiry and work just like the physical plastic card. Currently, only 37% of merchants support mobile payments at the point of sale, but with the rising adoption, merchants are willing to invest in technologies facilitating digital wallets. The virtual wallets can save money due to low processing costs as they limit transaction values and frequency. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is improving the user experience with regards to transactions with ChatBots, designed to execute and robotize essential exchanges as per the user’s interest. Besides, cryptographic money-based e-wallets are being embraced by new companies to small-medium organizations for storing digital money. Smart voice technology is contributing to the growth of smart voice wallets ever since Amazon propelled the principle of this platform, which is now being followed by Google and Apple.

E-Commerce Boom Accelerating Digital Payment Market Growth
E-commerce growth at an exponential rate is creating shock waves, and the sonic boom is reverberating across the FinTech sector. The growth of many e-commerce companies is driven by the kind of financial services they provide. Digital transactions make it convenient for the buyer and seller to make transactions and remain loyal to the market space. The COVID-19 pandemic added a different dimension to e-commerce innovation, introducing newer trends such as payment alternatives at checkouts (not with digital wallets), virtual cards, QR codes, and other touchless transactions. Besides, the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) trend is dominating the e-commerce industry as it relieves the financial burden on the buyer. BNPL involves a soft credit check, so the consumers can buy what they need, keep the inventory moving, and pay overtime without affecting their credit score. BNPL provides businesses with much-needed liquidity and greater flexibility at the checkout.

Influence of COVID-19 Pandemic on Digital Payment Market Growth
Digital payment systems have moved beyond their peer-to-peer (P2P) transfers and bill payments. The COVID-19 pandemic allowed digital payment systems to showcase their strengths, such as a strong understanding of hyper-local markets and its ability to establish strong local partnerships. Businesses and consumers increasingly “went digital” for providing and purchasing goods and services online. When the pandemic hit, people did not want to touch or exchange cash due to the paranoia of catching the infection from physical currencies. Several governments around the world introduced digital financial transfers to provide COVID-assistance. Owing to lockdown measures, consumers shifted to online platforms, which catapulted the demand for digital payment systems. Now, digital platforms have become an essential component of people’s lives, and consumers are more likely to continue shopping online in the post-pandemic period. The dramatic shift in consumer behavior is likely to augment the demand for e-payment systems even more. Therefore, companies are focusing their attention on digital mediums to meet the new customer demands and thrive businesses in the changing market scenario. Organizations are reimagining customer journeys to reduce friction and provide new security features. Payment companies such as PayPal and Square Cash are staffing up across the board to better understand the rearrangement of societal norms and stabilize the business in the near future.

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